My name is Nicola Tohill and I set up ADMINISTRATION ON DEMAND to assist people and businesses that don’t require a full-time staff member, but from time to time need a little assistance preparing reports, documents, etc.  People looking to give their documents that something extra to look more professional.

I am a small business, but I believe the customers’ needs are of utmost importance, so I am committed to providing a high-quality service with efficient turnaround times.  A high percentage of my business has come from repeat customers and referrals, as reflected in the Testimonials.

I have 30-years experience, working in a variety of roles (both administrative & management). I have also worked in a variety of different industries, including:  Energy, Telecommunications, IT, Freight Forwarding, Maritime Safety, etc.  This has given me a good background and knowledge, to assist with your business’s needs.

I pride myself on being:

  • Hard working
  • Efficient
  • Experienced
  • Timely
  • Professional
  • Helpful

I’m committed to providing a high-quality service with efficient turnaround times.  By using my services, you can save Time and Frustration, and utilise your expertise in the right areas.

Not so long ago, most Senior Managers and CEO’s had a secretary/PA.  These days, a secretary within a company is assisting 10-15 people, so most people end up doing most of their own typing, formatting, etc.  For people working for themselves or in a small business, hiring a secretary isn’t cost effective.

Getting people to look at what the overall cost of their admin staff is, and whether they require that level of support, is something I’m trying to encourage.  Why pay someone $60,000 when most of their work focuses on Reception, Mail and Answering Phones?  That could be done by someone for $30,000 and then the other high-end Admin work could be outsourced to someone like me, as required.