Administration on Demand is the Solution to your Administrative problems, that you want Solved.

  • Word Processing / Formatting
    typing or reformatting documents of any type; such as reports, newsletters or publications,
    letters or invitations.
  • Fill-in Forms
    set up secure fill-in forms using a Word template, which you can email to your clients, allowing them to fill in the details online.  They no longer have to print the form and scan it back, and you no longer have to decipher bad writing.
  • Database Management
    ensuring all your contacts are up to date; business cards that get put aside, etc.
  • Proofreading – grammar & formatting
    proofreading your own work isn’t as easy as you think, because you read what you think it should say.
  • Templates
    set up templates to give you consistency throughout your business and streamline your systems; creating a new document for every occasion/opportunity, wastes valuable time and money.
  • Mail Merge / Mailouts
  • PowerPoint presentations
    create a professional-looking presentation to help you present and communicate with confidence, as well as motivate the audience to listen.
  • Spreadsheets
    budgets, graphs, etc.  (Note:  I’m not an Accounts person, but Excel is a very useful tool and can be used in many different ways.)

Formatting, spelling and punctuation can be the key to your report, letter, proposal, etc, looking polished and sounding professional.  So many people forget the importance of Punctuation and Grammar!  It can make a huge difference to how people interpret what you’ve written.  Proofreading your own work is difficult, as you already know what you’re trying to say.  Proofreading isn’t just about spelling mistakes, it’s about making sure things are easy to read and understand.

Presentation in all areas, makes a big difference to how you and your business are received.  Having a report that captures people’s eye so they want to read it, can be the make or break for getting a new job or client.

I’m committed to providing a high-quality service with efficient turnaround times.  By using my services, you can save Time and Frustration, and utilise your expertise in the right areas.